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Michelle Obama: Students Protest Presidential Lunch Revamp Via YouTube

High School students in Kansas are not pleased with the latest in First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign, and they took to You Tube to let the world know. Upset with recent regulation of their lunch, students recorded a melodic parody where they appear weak and then pass out in protest.

Under the Hunger-Free Kids Act, which is in compliance with the USDA includes a makeover calling for all 9-12th grade lunches to be 850 calories or less-no substitutions or amendments. Not even for student athletes or pregnant teens that generally require more meals and caloric intake.

The restrictive lunches are the root of the gripes from students, in addition to the argument that students who choose not to clear their plates still lack the intended nutritional value. Students are wishing to bring an end to the 850 rule or in the least bring snacks cor the day.

To be fair, both the students and the Presidential healthy initiative have great points. More than 1/3 of American children and adolescents are overweight or obese and they are at the greatest risk for heart disease, heart failure, and respiratory issues amongst other issues. Young people also have a right to ingest what they desire during lunch, but should be provided proper nutritional education and options especially while on campus.

Constance Brown-Riggs, registered dietitian and nutritional spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics agreed that 850 calories in a lunch requirement are a bit small, but assured that no one will be at risk for malnourishment. She added that some children may need to bring snacks and that the option should be considered.

No matter the end decision, You Tube and social media promotion proved to be the. Quickest way to voice concern and displeasure with the regulation of lunches. These Kansas students clearly understand utilization of new media.

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