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Nicki Minaj: Joining ‘American Idol’ Milestone for Black Women

Nicki Minaj said that her addition to the panel of judges on “American idol” is not only a personal milestone for her, but also for hip hop and young black women as well.

“It’s a milestone for me; it’s a milestone for hip-hop; it’s a milestone for young black women,” Nicki told MTV News. “Has there ever been a black woman [judging] on the show? This is a show that 20 million people watch so I feel like we should be represented on that show and I’m very proud of my decision to do it.”

Minaj said she was hesitant at first when the opportunity came, but she pushed past it.

“Of course I had doubts but I had to realize that my fears of doing the show came a lot from what I thought people would say,” she said. “I had to really think and [realize that] a lot of decisions I’ve made in my career, people thought I was f—ing crazy and I made them, and I continue to make the hard decisions. I continue to make the decisions that people don’t have the balls to make. And that’s what separates me from everybody else.”

Nicki signed a contract with Idol worth a reported $12 million, so it would take a lot for this decision to turn out to be a bad one for her. But Minaj seems taken with the amount of courage it took for her to take all that cash.

“This is just gonna be another tough decision that Nicki Minaj makes,” she added. “Another thing that I’m gonna open the door and pave the way for people to do. And I think that’s where I am with it, just feeling with OK with me and my choices and not having to answer to anybody, because people will criticize you to the f—ing poorhouse. I’m very, very excited. I can’t wait for my Barbz to watch.”


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