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Lil Wayne Threatens Lawyer During Hilarious Deposition [Video]

If you happen to be an attorney, the last person you probably want sitting across from you at a deposition is Lil Wayne.

That came through quite clearly in videotape obtained by TMZ of a deposition that occurred in Wayne’s lawsuit against Quincy Jones III, a documentarian who produced a film about Wayne—after getting permission to follow him around for months while he was making “Tha Carter III”—that Wayne didn’t like at all. When Wayne saw the finished product, he called it a “scandalous portrayal,” according to TMZ.

During the videotaped deposition, Wayne is totally uncooperative, refusing to answer questions, claiming he doesn’t remember anything, and at one point appearing to threaten Jones’ attorney, Pete Ross.

Wayne is most upset that Jones used his music in the documentary without his permission. Since the documentary is about the making of “Tha Carter III” and Wayne gave Jones permission to trail him while he was making said documentary, Jones put music from the multi-platinum album “Tha Carter III” in the film—songs like “Lollipop,” “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy,” “Pussy Monster,” “Let the Beat Build,” “La La,” “Mr. Carter,” “A Milli,” and “Dontgetit.”

When the documentary was done in 2009, a judge would not approve Wayne’s request to stop it from being released. But Wayne did open up about his unhappiness with the project in a 2010 interview with Ozone magazine. He’s quite a bit more forthcoming to Ozone than he was to Jones’ lawyer.
“The fact that we didn’t want it released was business; paperwork. I feel like, if I agreed to have that camera around me, then I can’t tell that person what to edit when they go to the editing room, unless I am in the editing room and editing with them,” he explains. “If I’m not then I shouldn’t complain, but I was supposed to have a say-so because I had to approve it. And that was the whole [problem]. I didn’t approve it and they still put it out…There were females on there with me and sh*t, you know? Why give them some shine when I’ve got baby mothers? I believe as an editor or whatever, as a person associated with me, if you want to become a real business partner with me I believe you should consider things like that. I shouldn’t have to be the one to consider it.”

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