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Lil Wayne Track Takes Shots at Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney has popped in up in another set of hip-hop lyrics. This time, rapper Lil Wayne an

d DJ Drama took shots at the Republican presidential candidate and his financial decisions in “Cashed Out,” a track from his latest mixtape, “Dedication” and a cover of “Cashing Out,” sung by Ca$H Out, another rapper.

In the intro of the song, DJ Drama gave Romney a little shout out and implied that Romney was hiding money in offshore bank accounts. “As another election year upon us. This last four years has been good to me,” he shouted. “A couple of dollars in a couple different bank acccounts. Some here, some off shore. N*gga call me Mitt Dram-Ney!”

This is an interesting contrast to the Romney-related lyrics that came out of Lil Wanye’s protégé Nicki Minaj. Minaj sparked a heap of controversy when she facetiously claimed that she was voting for Romney in the upcoming elections on “Mercy,” another track from Lil Wayne’s mixtape. “I’m a Republican voting for Mitt Romney,” she rapped. “You lazy b*tches is f*cking up the economy.” Those bars brought a backlash against Minaj, who received harsh messages via Twitter and Facebook.  Even the president commented on the matter but he was more understanding than most.

“I’m not sure that is actually what happened,” President Obama said to Power 953 in Orlando. “I think she had a song on there, a little rap that said that. But, she likes to play different characters. So I don’t know what’s going on there.”

After that interview, Minaj jumped on her Twitter page to thank the president for understanding her sense of humor. “nickiminaj Ha! Thank you for understanding my creative humor & sarcasm Mr. President, the smart ones always do… *sends love & support* @barackobama,” Minaj wrote on her Twitter page.

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