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Why So Many Couples Remain Unmarried

According to the Department of Commerce, in 2011, there were 59.1 million households with unmarried men and women. It has become more common and acceptable to see men and women cohabitate together, with or without children. For some, marriage is a terrifying thought, others secretly desire to marry, but never do for many reasons.

Financial Reasons

For many, the thought of getting married doesn’t appeal to them simply because they look at it as a financial burden that is unnecessary. They simply see no logic in spending large amounts of cash to legalize an already existent and happy relationship. Long term lovers that have maintained a residence for a number of years, in many states, are recognized as having a marriage of common law. Even though not legally married, the status of common law is acceptable for them. The fear of the financial destruction that results from a nasty divorce prevents many from marrying as well. Many people have the mindset that most marriages end in divorce, so they avoid the financial and emotionally taxing pitfalls of marriage.

Individuality and Professionalism

For some, a career or lifestyle might reap better benefits if an individual remains unmarried. Others who vow to remain in a relationship want to retain their individuality as a person. Perhaps one has a family business and they want to remain unmarried so that the company retains its original namesake. Some remain unmarried because they have worked hard to develop a name and want to keep their individuality.

Fear of Failure, or Repeating Past Mistakes

Sadly, many make the decision to not marry simply because they fear failure. For some, if a relationship crumbles, it simply means that the relationship is over. A marriage that ends in divorce, however, has a tendency to make people feel like they have failed…

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