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Halle Berry Custody Battle Threatened By Kate Middleton Topless Photos

Halle Berry’s custody battle with Gabriel Aubry might take an interesting turn thanks to the French publication of the Kate Middleton topless photos.

Berry’s case was built on the fact that her daughter, Nahla, was being harassed by the paparazzi in Los Angeles and that if she lived in France, she wouldn’t have to deal with such an invasion of privacy.

Previously, Aubry’s lawyer could only fire back with the fact that 15 years ago Princess Diana was chased to her death by the paparazzi. Now, they have new ammo.

It has been reported that the photographer who captured the photos of Kate Middleton topless was indeed going the extra mile to invade the royal couple’s privacy by using a telephoto lens and finding a way to peak over the large shrubbery that was blocking the secluded balcony from view.

The stunning 46-year-old mother still has the upper hand in the case considering the fact that she has had primary custody of Nahla since she was born.

At this point, it seems the case is not only important for Halle’s daughter, but it might just be a key factor in the “Catwoman” actress’s mental health as well.

According to the National Enquirer, the former model is on the brink of a breakdown caused by stress over the custody battle and intrusive media.

“Halle is paranoid and her nerves are as frayed as I’ve ever seen them,” a friend of the Academy Award winning actress told the tabloid. “Friends are worried she’s going to fall of the edge.”

To make matters worse, one of Halle’s stalkers who threatened to slit her throat, 54-year-old Roberts Hoskins, briefly escaped from a mental hospital in February.

“These horrible events are enough for Halle, but now that she is a mom, she feels both she and Nahla are targets,” the source continued.

Friends of the worried mother feel as if the custody battle has taken on an entirely new meaning.

“That’s why if a judge blocks the move to France, we all fear the worst,” the source added. “It could send her spiraling further downward. If she can’t find some peace, Halle is in danger of an emotional collapse.”

If she is on the verge of a breakdown, she is doing an exceptional job at hiding it. Earlier this week the “Die Another Day” actress was photographed on the beach with friends showing off her amazing body in a blue bikini.

She even joined her fiancé, Olivier Martinez, for a romantic lunch in Malibu and shared some laughs over something that was sent to the gorgeous mom’s phone.

Hopefully, the laughs and smiles aren’t just an act and the Hollywood actress really isn’t close to a mental breakdown.


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