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Chris Brown's Friends Harass Elderly, Chase Man With Taser

Chris Brown’s friends are up to no good; chasing a man around a parking lot with a taser and harassing an elderly man inside a Subway restaurant.

The trouble started when the Subway worker informed the young men that they would have to pay a few cents extra to have more meat on their sandwiches.

According to FlameFlynet, after hearing about the extra charge, Brown’s friends began verbally attacking the lady until an elderly gentleman stepped in to put a stop to the disrespectful behavior.

Despite the man’s age, the group turned their attention to the peace maker and began bombarding him with rude jokes and heckling him until another younger gentleman intervened.

The group managed to get the younger man, who was dressed in a muscle shirt and sweatpants, outside into the parking lot where they began using “racial slurs” to taunt him.

Based on the size of the vigilante compared to Brown’s camp, it’s safe to say that they probably would have been quite embarrassed if a fight broke out between them and muscular bystander. Luckily, for them, Brown soon pulled up in his Lamborghini with his bodyguard in the passenger seat.

The bodyguard quickly hopped out of the “Don’t Wake Me Up” singer’s lavish car and chased the man around the parking lot with a taser until the police showed up.

Although it is uncertain if Brown’s bodyguard or friends received any punishment for their actions they certainly did expose a lot about themselves.

Apparently, the friends of Hollywood’s most famous women beater are not above threatening the elderly and then having a rather large bodyguard come finish their dirty work.

Momma always said “birds of a feather, flock together” and the “Don’t Judge Me” crooner is just proving that he hasn’t changed his ways whatsoever.

After the club brawl with Drake a few months ago, you would think Brown has put more consideration into who he decides to hang out with but perhaps the young star has fallen in love with the negative attention he is constantly getting from the press.

He certainly didn’t mind the negative publicity stunt of anti-domestic violence campaigners who plastered his CD’s with stickers which read, “WARNING: DO NOT BUY THIS ALBUM! THIS MAN BEATS WOMEN.”

Currently, the new stickers haven’t put stop to domestic violence, but they surely did a number on sales for Brown’s new Famous album… but not the way the campaigners intended.

“We were as surprised as anyone when the stickers appeared,” Brown’s rep released in a statement. “…I guess they got their point across pretty effectively – with widespread coverage around the world, though, by the same token, quite a few more people now know there’s a Chris Brown album out.”

Sales for the album have indeed seen a sudden increase since the sticker campaign broke out, proving once again that any publicity is good publicity.


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8 thoughts on “Chris Brown's Friends Harass Elderly, Chase Man With Taser

  1. Nazim Larbi says:

    1: stop bsing he's worth millions, paying few cents he don't fucking care.
    2: wtf does his friends problems have to do with his own behaviour? making up story when there's nothing to write about?

  2. The media just want this boy to get in trouble, why is Chris Brown getting all the hate he wasn't the one Chasing them obviously y'all have nothing to write about , that's why when y'all write negativity about him it comes back and bite y'all in the ass "Karma is a Bitch" y'all continue to hate and Judge him for no reason when he does Good y'all don't say anything, this society is FUCKED up I've witness him doing donation previously on Domestic Violence but a lot of the media didn't care, they just want to see him fall, all they care about was seeing him make one sudden mistake and spread it like “Wild Fire” and that's what Kills these Artist literally putting them into stress that they end up can’t take and then the Media start calling them drug addicts, the MEDIA" Cruel ass people but God will Judge y'all in the future, y'all need to get over the pass you was there or where you in that long previous time.

  3. Zach Quinones says:

    My friend was the vigilante. Stand up guy and he doesn't beat women.

  4. Anonymous says:

    You are an idiot! Why are you supporting some fool that don't give a sh*t about you? Who cares how the media portrays him. He obviously places himself in these types of positions because he wants publicity and retards like you eat it up. He is only interested in your wallet… BIRD! Now y'all about that.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Anybody that can support someone who beats on women are just as guilty as he is for having done so. Just because he makes donations doesn't mean sh*t. All celebrities do it and most only do so to look good… not because they actually care…. throwing GOD into the argument is pointless as well because you God freaks all say only God can judge but yet you are the first ones who place judgement. He is a punk… his friends are punks and all of your losers that follow behind this madness and buy his albums and give him a pass for his actions are VILE & DISGUSTING pieces of human waste!

  6. Did I say I bought any thing from him, way to go and portray someone obvious your just once of the bad breed people that describes a man on his pass.

  7. Russ Hunt says:

    I know the guy that stood up to chris brown hahaha how funny, he is at my house actually right now.

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