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Prince Sports an Afro on ‘The View’, Introduces New Single ‘RNR Affair’

The last time Prince dropped in on The View, the screaming fans shorted out the audio and co-host Sherri Shepherd confessed that she’d wanted to make love to him her entire life, at which point the Purple One nearly jumped out of his seat and made for the nearest exit. Things were a bit more tame yesterday — well, barring the man’s hair, which’d been teased into a compact ‘fro.

Yes, after decades of riding the wave, Prince is sporting a natural, the size and shape of which make a ridiculous combination with his circular specs. (Those goofy yellow pants don’t help.) That said, we’re proud of the fella for switching it up and, as he said in response to a question about Justin Bieber: “Different strokes for different folks.” To which we’d like to add, “A different ‘do for every mood.”

Still, we have to wonder if the hostesses had all hirsute queries quashed in advance, because according to TMZ, they don’t once ask him about what’s up top (they also steered clear of what’s below this time). So what’s up Prince — is this throwback, or the start of a new trend? Sign O’ the Times, or an all out Glam Slam? Either way, U Got the Look, but still, inquiring minds and all.

A new Prince song also hit the airwaves yesterday, and it’s similarly retro. With palm-muted electric guitars, warm horn charts, and splashes of synths, “RNR Affair” belongs somewhere on the same bluesy soul-pop continuum as Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel” and George Benson’s “On Broadway.” Except, as the title suggests, this one leans a bit more rock’n’roll, or at least soft-rock. And, Prince being Prince, it concerns “two people in love with nothin’ but the road ahead.” The only problem is their music tastes vary, but as Prince proves, that’s not even really a problem. He’s a uniter, not a divider.

Source:  Marc Hogan and Chris Martins, Spin

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