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Pregnant Amber Rose Tweets Baby Bump And Baby Photos

Pregnant Amber Rose and fiance Wiz Khalifa are excited about their baby on the way. The former model shared new pictures of her growing baby bump with her Twitter followers affectionately known as Rosebuds and Rosestuds. The photo also shows off the 28-year old stomach tattoo of a uterus which she received late last year. Amber confirmed her pregnancy at the MTV VMAs wearing a form-fitting lace dress showing off her growing baby bump.

“We had to do it with the whole world, and just let everybody know that we’re expecting a beautiful little baby, me and Amber. We’re so excited we’re having a baby!” said Wiz at the award show.

Wiz’s fiance will likely keep her followers up-to-date throughout her pregnancy.  Along with her baby bump photo the glowing mommy-to-be also shared some baby pictures of herself last week. See those photos below.

When not gushing about the pregnancy, Wiz and Amber are reaffirming their commitment to each other. In an interview with Complex magazine the blonde vixen revealed why her fiance only has eyes for her.

“He’s so special. These bitches shouldn’t even be around him. They’re not cool enough to be in his presence. It’s like, ew, stay away.”

Interesting. Wiz added,

“I don’t look at no girls. All I look at is my fiancée. I don’t got no reason to look at other girls. It’s weird to some people, but to us it’s the right thing. It’s how much we love each other.”

If it works for them. Check out Amber’s adorable baby pictures below:

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