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Halle Berry Shows off Gorgeous Bikini Body in Malibu

Halle Berry might be busy filming movies and fighting her ex in court, but that doesn’t mean she can’t take the time out to get some sand in between her toes. Berry was spotted walking along the beach with friends in Malibu on Saturday. The usually stoic star was photographed throwing her head back in laughter as she strolled the beach in a pair of Daisy Dukes and a blue bikini top. The 46-year-old appears to be in great shape with washboard abs and killer curves.

According to her trainer, Nat Bardonnet, Berry is dedicated to maintaining her shape. “The way I push Halle, not many people would be able to last,” Bardonnet told People Magazine. “She always has great energy and a great smile.” Bardonnet  also shared that Berry does cross training sessions that include planks, push-ups and weight training during her workouts and her hard work is definitely paying off. “She always stuns me how beautiful and sexy she looks. Whatever curveball I throw at her, she can take,” Bardonnet continued.

In another interview, Bardonnet added that she works with Berry to work on anything the “Cloud Atlas” star sees as an issue. “We try to get rid of what she doesn’t like while keeping her womanly shape: erasing thighs, keeping the butt high, lengthening the hamstrings, and working the abs,” Bardonnet told Us Weekly. Berry, an admitted diabetic, has also admitted that her diet is a big part of keeping her body in tip top shape. “God bless them if they’re telling the truth. It’s questionable if they are,” she told Harper’s Bazaar in 2009. “I always had to diet. I’m diabetic, so it’s a lifestyle for me anyway just to stay healthy and not end up in the hospital.” She does have one weakness. “I like Doritos. I’m usually watching The Biggest Loser eating Doritos,” she added.

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