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Mitt Romney Hits Barack Obama on Looming Fiscal Cliff

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney accused President Barack Obama on Saturday of standing by while a looming budgetary calamity unfolds in Washington as he sought to regain his footing after a tough week on the campaign trail.

Romney leaped into the debate over the “fiscal cliff,” the potential for an end-of-the-year uproar when some $109 billion in across-the-board spending cuts kick in unless Obama and Congress reach a deficit-reduction deal to avert them. Bush-era tax cuts also expire at year’s end.

The Washington debate mirrors the campaign battle between Obama and Romney. Democrats want to make up the shortfall by increasing taxes on wealthy Americans while Republicans favor spending cuts.

“Political gridlock threatens to plunge us back into recession, but instead of seeking bipartisan solutions, President Obama is passively allowing us to go over a fiscal cliff,” Romney said in his weekly podcast.

The White House said in releasing a breakdown of the cuts on Friday that it was congressional Republicans who are standing in the way of a deal because they refuse to accept a more balanced approach.

The White House and Congress, Democrats and Republicans, including Romney’s vice presidential running mate, Paul Ryan, agreed on the automatic cuts under an August 2011 deal.

Romney, who has vowed to build up the U.S. military if elected on November 6, has singled out for criticism the $54 billion in defense cuts that would kick in at year’s end. He says this is no time to shrink the Pentagon’s budget.

“What kind of commander-in-chief forces Americans to choose between massive tax hikes that will undermine the economy and massive cuts to our military that will undermine national security?” said Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul.

Romney is ending a rough week during which he fell behind Obama in the polls and came under criticism from Democrats and some Republicans for making a campaign issue of the deaths of four Americans killed by Muslim protesters at the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya.

The candidate took the day off on the campaign trail on Saturday. He spent part of the afternoon watching one of his grandson’s soccer games. Romney travels to Colorado and California on Sunday.

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19 thoughts on “Mitt Romney Hits Barack Obama on Looming Fiscal Cliff

  1. Dean Garr says:

    Mr. Romney's campaign now has a feeling of desperation.

    This perception drives him to say more and more desperate things.

    It is like an airplane going into a tailspin.

    Very hard to pull out of such a downward spiral.

  2. Corwyn Radi says:

    yup typical republican hypocracy for the sheeple. Republicans push the country to a brink of dissaster by deragulation, un needed tax cuts that produce nothing, corporate welfare for the most profitable international companies that continue to shipo jobs over seas destroying the US middle class and then blame everyone else for not reigning them in or not fixing the problem as fast as they would like.

    Santorum IS right the right doesn't have and will never have smart people on their side. But sadly there is enough stupid people to continue to get them elected.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Obama speaks well but his policy is not good for the country.

  4. Jim Erwin says:

    Is Romney stupid and irresponsible on every subject?

    Now he's demonstrating a complete lack of knowledge of the federal budget process and a willful ignorance of recent budget history.

    Congress controls the budget. We're in this "fiscal" cliff situation because Republican Tea Partiers refused to raise the debt limit last August and threatened a U.S. government default. The "deal" to raise the limit was Sequestrationl. Unfortunately, Sequestration didn't force a budget deal and, now, we're facing defense and domestic budget cuts that neither side wants.

    Agree to ignore the deficit until the economy gets going again OR agree to a balanced plan of cuts and tax increases (which may kill the improving economy). However, Romney believes in neither. He believes in fiscal magic or, maybe, fiscal voodoo.

    Finally, if Romney truly believes in all cuts, tell the American public what will be required, and he can end his campaign today.

  5. No ,,obama is stupid,wreckless,clueless,bowing to every towel head that shouts allah,

  6. Why did he spend over 4million dollars of his money to seal all his records?why the secrecy?Audacity unbound,he screams for mitt's tax records when he hides the truth about his kenyan birth,it will (the truth) surface next year

  7. Why can't he say he's a muslim???

  8. The president should always shake hands and look other world leaders in the EYE,,NEVER BOW! It shows weakness pure and simple,

  9. Maybe he should be letterman's cohost? He would rather appear on letterman than meet with netanyahu on iran nuclear threat,

  10. Bubba Trace says:

    because idiots like you will jump behind their dumpster and start masturbating.

  11. It's very clear,Obama is messing up bad at the world's expense,,but hey there's a bright side! His golf game is improving(over a 1,000 hrs this year alone

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hey John Darrell Granger, I didn't know the libraries opened on Sunday. Do they let you bring your bedroll in?

  13. Go to fact ,,obama is christian,,when it suits his agenda,,obama is muslim when it suits his agenda, and by the way,where is oprah???

  14. Sum of them,why dont you do your own research,I had big hopes for obama,he let me down BIGTIME,,

  15. Sum of them,,why does he miss over 70% of his security briefings!!??wtf???

  16. Ed Welsh says:

    Why wait until next year for the "truth" to "surface"? Why hasn't "it" surfaced already? And Mr. Obama has not said anything about Mr. Romney's tax returns. By the way, did Mr. Romney take advantage of the 2009 amnesty for tax cheats with Swiss accounts?

  17. Ed Welsh says:

    Because he's not.

  18. The massive "cuts" to the military budget are actually ZERO cuts to its current budget, it is a REDUCTION of the automatic annual budget increases, and it's not a 100% reduction, there will still be increases. Romney wants 100% of the automatic increases AND $1trillion EXTRA to go with it. This coming from a candidate who's VP pick voted for the cuts

  19. Jim Erwin says:

    Because, they don't have daily security briefings. His security team submits written memos to the President. Obama returns written questions to them about issues in which he needs more information. This is the same procedure that President Clinton used.

    On the other hand, "W" used the briefing approach. Apparently, he didn't like to read.

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