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Venus Williams Feels More Comfortable in Fashion Than Even on Court

Venus Williams is “definitely” more nervous about her tennis matches than she is about showing off her fashion creations.

The sports star showcased her Spring/Summer 13 tennis clothing line Eleven at New York Fashion Week on Wednesday.

Venus feels far more pressure before a tennis game than when she is showing off her new designs.

“A match is definitely worse. When I’m on the court, I’m all by myself and there’s no one to help me out. With fashion, it’s a collaboration. It’s important for me to hear other people’s opinions. You’re trying to get the best idea out there, not just the one I like the most,” she explained to

“In the beginning I tried to do everything myself, and then I realised that there are people who know what they’re doing, so I can rely on them as a team – that brought my stress level down…

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