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Spielberg's 'Lincoln' Trailer Finally Released

Earlier this afternoon, Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln released its long awaited trailer to an eager audience.

Although the film isn’t out until November, Spielberg and Co. have been doing a decent job leaking Lincoln material in stages.

First, they charmed us by showcasing Daniel Day-Lewis in full regalia. Next came the spectacular movie poster. Just when audiences began losing interest, they released a teaser focusing more on Day-Lewis’s vocal performance. Finally, the trailer is here.

Lincoln doesn’t seem to be pulling any punches. Steven Spielberg has reached the point in his career where he no longer needs to prove himself – his films are just assumed to be good. The same can be said for Daniel Day-Lewis and lead roles. Lincoln even has a strong supporting cast in Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Sally Field. What more can you ask for?

That being said, Day-Lewis’s portrayal does seem a bit reserved. The strong, gruff and powerful voice usually assumed in a character like Abraham Lincoln is, quite frankly, absent.

Though Day-Lewis is made up to look tired and worn out by politics, he certainly doesn’t sound like it. Has Daniel Day-Lewis finally stumbled upon a role he cannot fulfill inĀ Lincoln?

Probably not. You be the judge and enjoy the trailer for Lincoln below.

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