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Evelyn Lozada Seeks To Break Prenup In Chad Johnson Divorce

Chad Johnson and Evelyn Lozada are finally on the same page as far as their divorce is concerned. Just days after Chad allegedly head-butt Evelyn in the car during an argument over a condom receipt she filed for divorce.

It took weeks for the news to sink in for Ochocinco who dried desperately….from far away…to keep his marriage from falling apart. On Twitter Chad declared his love for Evelyn and ferociously defended her against the critics. Eve said nothing of Chad on Twitter or on her blog except for posting articles from her media blitz following the incident (including her latest conversation with Oprah for her upcoming episode on Fix my Life). The general consensus was that she was ready to move on.

The awakening for the former Miami Dolphin wide receiver may have came this morning when his lawyer went on his behalf to the Broward County Courthouse to answer charges of misdemeanor battery charge. He plead not guilty via his lawyer.

Hours later, sources confirmed to TMZ that Chad had filed his own divorce papers saying the marriage is  “irretrievably broken.” Details of the filing shows the estranged couple did have a prenup. Within the prenup both parties are required to cover their own attorney fees though Evelyn is reportedly attempting to overturn this provision and Chad is asking the judge to uphold the original agreement.

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