The Wasting of Young, Black Male Lives Continues as Defendant in Beating Death of Another Teen is Convicted

Tracen Franklin was convicted of beating death of fellow teen Bobby Tillman

A jury has found a defendant in the beating death of a Douglas County teenager guilty of malice murder and felony murder.

Tracen Franklin was one of four people accused of beating and killing Bobby Tillman at a party in November 2010.

The judge gave jurors instructions around 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday before they went to deliberate.

Douglas County Assistant District Attorney Brian Fortner’s closing arguments attacked the defense’s claim that Franklin should not be found guilty of malice and felony murder.

“It’s an insult to the severity of the beating of Bobby Tillman and what he was put through out there,” said Fortner.

Tillman’s family wiped away tears when the prosecutor revealed graphic details about Tillman’s last moments.

“He struggling to breathe, his eyes were rolling back in his head,” said Fortner.

Defense Attorney Bruce Harvey told jurors Franklin is not guilty because he didn’t intend to kill Tillman.

“We’re conceding that Mr. Franklin participated, but we’re saying to you ladies and gentlemen, Tracen Franklin did not deliberately take the life of Bobby Tillman,” said Harvey.

As soon as the trial started on Wednesday, Harvey rested his case.

Harvey did not call any witness or make any presentation. He also repeated his motion for his client to be charged with reckless conduct.

The prosecutor objected and the judge heard both arguments.

Three other young men are charged in the case. One has pleaded guilty and two others are waiting to go to trial.

Source: CBS Atlanta

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