Mel B of Spice Girls Bares Breasts for a Worthy Cause

Mel B of the Spice Girls decided to follow in the footsteps of Janet Jackson in a spread in the latest issue of British Cosmopolitan magazine, posing topless to promote breast cancer awareness—with her husband Stephen Belafonte using his hands to cover the most crucial part of her cleavage.

It was an homage to Janet’s famous Rollings Stones cover shot from 1993, when Miss Jackson was at the height of her sex symbol popularity.

Mel B, the sexy 37-year-old star of the Spice Girls, admitted in the accompanying interview that and her fellow Spice Girls—who are still the top-selling female group in history—have a certain fondness for the female mammaries.

 “I love boobs,” Mel said. “Me and the other Spice Girls are always having a feel of each other’s—Geri came up behind me and grabbed mine the other day.”
As for Stephen, a movie producer, he was quite pleased to lend a hand to cover his wife’s (surgically enhanced) breasts.

“I’m a boob man so I had absolutely no problem doing this shoot or helping my wife check her breasts,” he said. “What man wouldn’t like that? It’s a fun thing to do and so very important.”

Mel, born Melanie Brown and known to her fans for years as “Scary Spice,” spoke to Cosmo about the importance of breast health.

“I found a lump when I was 17 and freaked out,” she said. “It turned out it was nothing but it terrified me. Ever since, I’ve always been one for checking, then double checking.”

“I have three daughters and one stepdaughter so I’ll show them as they get older,” she added. “My eldest, Phoenix, 13, does it already.”

Mel’s five-year-old daughter, Angel, was the subject of a court battle with Eddie Murphy, who disputed that the child was his until it was confirmed through a court-ordered DNA test.

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