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Jessica Simpson, Aimee Copeland Huge Draw For Katie Couric Show

First guests Jessica Simpson and Aimee Copeland turned out huge ratings for Katie Couric’s new show, “Katie”. On her first day on the job wearing black peep toe pumps and a blue fitted dress the former CBS Evening News anchor welcomed her audience,

“I’m so thrilled that today is finally here … In many ways, this is a new beginning for me.”

‘Katie’ went up against three other new shows and came out the victor by outpacing “Steve Harvey” by 87%,  “Jeff Probst” by 150% and “Ricki Lake” by a whopping 250% – this according to the LA Times.

Fashion Star Jessica Simpson chose Couric’s show to unveil her post baby body and dish on her weight loss.

“I’ve just had a lot of pressure on me to lose the baby weight … Today was one of my goals, just getting here comfortable and being comfortable in this beautiful dress.”

If Jessica’s weight loss story wasn’t your cup of tea, Aimee Copeland the young Georgia woman who battled a flesh eating bacteria served as inspiration.

The 24-year old woman cut her leg open during a zip-line accident nearly four months ago but has since lost her hands, both  feet and her entire right leg. Despite the tragic turn of events Copeland is refreshingly optimistic.

“I love life. It’s a beautiful thing… even more so now. Senses are so deepened,” she said. “Everything smells better. Everything is more vibrant, more beautiful.”

Copeland revealed to Couric that she has all intentions on using her “nubs” instead of the adaptive equipment provided and she doesn’t like being called “disabled”.

It will be interesting to observe how Couric balances the celebrity obsessed viewers with those expecting her to bring on her journalistic prowess. With guests like Heidi Klum and Jennifer Lopez down the pipeline it may be a difficult task. But one thing is certain Katie Couric’s new show is off to a good start.

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