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8 thoughts on “Franchesca Ramsey Shuts Down Ignorant Comment About Black People’s Interaction With the Cops in Epic Fashion

  1. Lisa Jackson says:

    Wonderful! These young women asked an important question. When you're black and you need to call the police? Don't a call the police treat that as a last resort and work it out on your own.

  2. Steve But says:

    The only protection against injustice is power, physical,financial,scientific..Marcus Garvey ………no where in history have an oppressed people gained their freedom by appealing to the moral conscious of their oppressors…………Africans..wake up

  3. Ashley Lynn says:

    he had absolutely no come back to her explanation of black's fear of the police. Gone girl! lol

  4. He dismissed her question as being rhetorical when it is actually a very valid question that he knows there is no answer. If the police want to kill you, they will, and they will suffer no consequences for it. Period.

  5. he did have anything to say but bs, that's why he didn't know what the question was, stalling like a mofo; confused as hell because any answer would've been bs so instead he just chose not to answer the question.

  6. Danny Greene says:

    I love these women. I wish more of the men who are in a position to speak out would man up and speak up like these ladies did. My hat is tipped.

  7. ^^^A-freaking-MEN! I'm so encouraged that somebody else thinks begging for freedom, justice or equality from the very group that is oppressing you is insane…

  8. Jeff Gué says:

    Tore that ass up. Damn you, loud black woman. Damn you…

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