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Guys, It’s Time to Up Your Shoe Game: Luxury Men’s Shoes

There are a few items that men typically indulge in once they’ve secured a paycheck that puts them a notch or two above the “financially secure” range. One of those is a pair of luxury men’s shoes— next comes a good luxury watch, a dream car, or maybe even a vacation home. You know how the saying goes: you can tell a lot about a man by his shoes, and we have a feeling you’ll want a pair that screams success. So which men’s shoes are among the best that money can buy?

Aubercy Paris

First on our list is Aubercy, an independent French family brand that was established in 1935. Shoes from the label’s classic collections are priced between $1,090 and $1,215— but these aren’t your typical ready-to-wear shoes. Each step of the design process receives personal attention from one of only 10 employees in the Aubercy’s Paris workshop— a quality in its own that should be a testament to the label’s authenticity. From the hand-picking of leathers to the hand-punched seems, Aubercy’s shoes have a personal touch and are made with the utmost attention to detail. Bespoke special orders sell from around $1,730. These “Petite Measure” shoes, as the brand puts it, not only reflect their owner’s style aesthetically, but also fit him like a glove— or maybe I should say a sock, in this case. Fittings for both feet result in the shoe’s insides becoming essentially replicas of the owner’s feet so that they fit him perfectly, while also making them truly unique. Boasting an assorted clientele that Xavier Aubercy tells me even includes national presidents, the label’s men’s shoes are top quality with their customizable aspect making them pieces that every lover of beautiful objects will enjoy.

Scarpe di Bianco Italian Handmade Shoes

Handmade in Italy from top quality calfskin, Scarpe di Bianco shoes expertly blend classic and contemporary styles for an overall look that exudes luxury. Over 30 styles by the brand including oxfords, bluchers, loafers, brogues, monk straps and ankle boots are produced in a small workshop in Naples that includes the third and fourth generations of a family of skilled shoemakers. Made in a variety of finishes from burnished browns to sleek blacks, the number of styles combined with the color options result in a seemingly impossible plethora of different looks. The label’s artisanal quality is solidified by the fact that no more than 25 pairs of shoes are produced by its workshop per day…

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