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Kimye Should Wait to Get Married, Says Writer

Kim Kardashian might be seeing wedding bells in her and Kanye West’s future but one writer thinks she needs to slow down. Writer Lauren Palmer wrote a list about why Kardashian should not rush down the aisle and Palmer makes a great point. Among her points is the fact that Kardashian is still married to Kris Humphries and that divorce is getting uglier as time progresses. As previously reported, Kris Humphries has subpoenaed several people close to Kardashian, including West himself.

Another point that was made was Kardashian and West’s immaturity. The former is commonly seen crying and throwing tantrums on her various reality shows while the latter is famous for calling out President Bush and bullying Taylor Swift. Another display of immaturity is the couple’s respective track records in relationships. Prior to dating Humphries, Kardashian had a history of jumping headfirst into relationship and talking marriage too quickly. For instance, prior to becoming engaged to Humphries, she was discussing baby names with sister Khloe on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and mentioned that she “had dibs” on all names beginning with the letter K because both Kim and Kris start with that letter.

She seems to have a fairy tale image of what marriage is and lets that dictate her decisions. Also, as Palmer noted, Kardashian seems to be in a rush to have children. Perhaps she feels pressure because one of her sisters is married and another is having babies, something that has been implied on the show. But, Kardashian is not the only one with a sketchy relationship history. West has a history of bad behavior in his relationships. When he broke up with Amber Rose, he made derogatory comments about her in interviews and songs, causing a public feud. West and Kardashian should heed Palmer’s advice and wait a couple of years to get married or history will continue to repeat itself.

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