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Beyonce and Jay-Z Return From France With Baby Blue Ivy

Beyonce, baby Blue Ivy and Jay-Z had an event filled vacation as they enjoyed jet skiing, exquisite dinners, gorgeous views, and of course lots of quality time together. BTW, Beyonce just revealed to Anderson Cooper that she loves every minute of changing baby Blue’s diaper – and Jay-Z does too! 🙂

The Carter family is finally returning to land after they spent a week on board their luxury yacht in France.

The powerful family reached land yesterday as they officially hit the end of their extravagant vacation on the Mediterranean.

As their vacation comes to an end, it seems maybe the Kim Kardashian and Beyonce feud may also be coming to an end
 or perhaps it never even started?

Despite earlier reports that the two ladies barely spoke to each other at the Made in America music festival, more sources are now revealing that there actually isn’t any friction between the two.

According to TMZ, once source has reported that Bey and Kim “love each other” and even talk about everything from fashion to little baby Blue Ivy all the time.

Earlier reports said that the reality star and the R&B icon watched the event from opposite sides of the stage, but now sources are saying the complete opposite.

One source revealed that the two were together backstage and were even seen “laughing and hugging.”

Of course, a Beyonce and Kimmie K photo is sure to be worth a lot of money and some spectators are wondering why a photo of the pair “laughing and hugging” together at the music festival hasn’t hit the mainstream media yet if those loving embraces really did happen.

It was believed that the “Love On Top” singer was upset with the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star after she tried to use the event to get a spot in a documentary about Jay-Z.

Kim supposedly approached Ron Howard asking to be cast in one of his films, but new reports once again are contradicting the earlier tale of events.

TMZ reported that Kanye’s lady didn’t say a word to the famous movie maker and there were no attempts to sneak her way into the Jay-Z documentary.

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