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Nicole Murphy Sits In With Fiance Michael Strahan On 'Live'

‘Hollywood Exes’ Nicole Murphy is already enjoying the perks of her fiance landing his huge co-host gig. Former football star Michael Strahan took a seat next to Kelly Ripa on Live as her official new co-host on Monday morning. His fiance, Nicole (previously married to Eddie Murphy) stopped by to pay her “baby” a visit. She posted the image on Twitter with the caption, “On set with my baby @michaelstrahan”.

When Strahan was announced as Regis Philbin’s replacement Nicole tweeted,

Very excited for my wonderful man who I’m so proud of @michaelstrahan who is my King I love u baby!!!! Ur the best congrats”

When not supporting her fiance Murphy just wrapped up the first season of Hollywood Exes and she’s ready for another dose of reality.

“I would absolutely do the show again,” she said recently. “If not, I would like to do my own show.”

Luckily for Murphy ‘Hollywood Exes’ was picked up for a second season with the network picking up another 12 episodes.

In between their busy TV schedule including Murphy’s clothing line ‘Open House’ there’s a wedding to plan!

“It might be on an island… I might just go and do the Vegas drive-through thing.” Whenever the wedding does take place Nicole won’t be referred to as Ms. Murphy.

“Out of respect for my new husband, I would take his name. Why would I keep my ex’s name?”

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