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Baby Blue Ivy Showered with Kisses From Beyonce and Jay-Z

After a quick birthday dinner for Beyonce, who just turned 31, the Carter family hopped back unto their private yacht where  baby Blue Ivy Carter soaked up all the attention from her loving parents.

Nine months ago there wasn’t a woman alive who could steal Jay-Z’s attention from his lovely wife, but of course that was before Blue Ivy was born. Jay spent hours cradling his adorable daughter and showering her with loving kisses while on board the couple’s private yacht.

Blue Ivy hasn’t started walking yet, but she’s certainly already earned her sea legs. Before she’s even turned one, Beyonce’s baby has set sail on the Mediterranean and celebrated her mommy’s birthday in the heart of France.

The 9-month-old even has her own business, well, sort of. Beyonce has trademarked Blue Ivy’s name in preparation for a new line of baby products. With a hip hop mogul as a father and the reigning R&B queen as a mother, the little tot is likely to have a lot on her plate before she can even properly eat off one. Of course, that’s only to be expected when your parents are listed as the eighth most powerful entity in America according to Vanity Fair’s “The Powers that Be.”

The Carters are the only African Americans to make the highly esteemed list and together have a combined net worth of almost $800 million.

Of course, even in paradise there tends to be some troubled waters, and this storm goes by the name “Kim Kardashian.”

It had recently been reported that the “Keeping up with the Kardashians” reality star was upset after receiving what she believed was harsh treatment from Beyonce at the Budweiser Made in America music festival last weekend, but sources have finally revealed Bey’s side of the story.

According to source, Kim was busy trying to “weasel her way into a documentary being filmed by Ron Howard” that would focus on the life of the New York native and hip hop icon.

Once Bey found out that Kim was busy trying to steal her husband’s spotlight she reportedly pulled Kanye’s boo to the side and reminded her that today wasn’t about her.

The “Empire State of Mind” rapper just hopes that the ladies will be able to resolve the issue soon to avoid any uncomfortable double dates with his pal Kanye down the road.

UPDATE: Huffington Post just cleared the air on the Kim K, Beyonce feud and according the source – there is none.

“Anyone who knows Kim can tell you that she doesn’t even talk like that. She never saw Ron Howard that day and no such conversation ever took place — between Kim and Ron Howard or Kim and Beyonce. Beyonce and Kim have gotten along perfectly since the very first day that they met. They have no reason to not get along. The person who came up with this story has a very wild imagination.”


Beyonce and Jay-Z share a kiss

The Carters were spotted again enjoying some time off their yacht for dinner and drinks. See more photos below:

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