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Chad Johnson's Evelyn Lozada Tattoo Leaves Twitter Fans Unimpressed

Chad Johnson isn’t leaving a good impression with his fans over an Evelyn Lozada tattoo on his leg. In what may have been a far cry to woo his estranged wife back, Chad visited a tattoo parlor and inked a headshot of Evelyn on his right leg. Soon after the former Miami Dolphins wide receiver posted the image on Twitter his followers let him have it! Below are just a few samples of Chad defending his decision:

“Divorce ? Child please… that’s my WIFE RT @TeeSplash101: I really want to know why @ochocinco tatted Evelyn’s face on his leg post divorce”

“I don’t give a flying pretzel in skittle rainbow hell what she filed for… RT@CCHx3REH: I thought she filed for divorce tho?”

“I never had it to begin with, i march to the beat of my own drum, F public opinion… RT @MontaviousX: you’ve officially lost it my man”

In the end, the gesture may be in vain because Evelyn appears to remain steadfast with her divorce. In an upcoming episode of with OWN’s Iyanla Vanzant’s ‘Fix My Life’ series Evelyn sheds tears over the domestic incident and alludes to being shoved and pushed on previous occasions. During her Nightline interview she confirmed she and Chad hadn’t spoken since that fateful weekend. With all this press Evelyn is doing to speak against domestic violence, a tattoo in her image by Chad is not going to cut it.

In case you’re wondering if the tattoo is real – Chad also shared this photo on Twitter.

Chad Johnson at tattoo parlor getting Evelyn Lozada tattoo
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