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Beyonce Possibly Disses Kim Kardashian at Philly Concert

Does Beyonce dislike Kim Kardashian? Does anybody care whether Beyonce dislikes Kim Kardashian?

The gossip industry desperately wants to create a headline-grabbing quartet in Beyonce and Kim, Jay-Z and Kanye. Or Jay and Bey, Kim and Kanye. If these four became fast friends, a thousand headlines could be written.

But apparently it’s not to be.

At the Made in America Festival in Philadelphia, while Jay-Z and Kanye performed on stage, Beyonce was busy ignoring Kim off-stage, according to numerous reports.

Although Kanye would like to Kim and Beyonce to become friends, Beyonce is not eager to make that happen.

“Kim and Beyonce barely spoke to each other. They were on opposite sides of the stage. Beyonce didn’t even acknowledge [Kardashian] was there until the concert was almost over,” a source told the New York Daily News.

This weekend wasn’t the first time that the 31-year-old Beyonce (her birthday was just yesterday) supposedly snubbed the 31-year-old Kardashian. Apparently she also did so at the BET Awards when she was with her little sister Solange.

The source pointed out that snubs can go both ways.

“(Kardashian) didn’t make any efforts to go speak to Beyonce either,” the source said adding that they eventually “made small talk in the dressing room, but you could tell Kim was uncomfortable. She clung onto Kanye the entire time and didn’t say much.”

While West, 34, wanted Kim and Bey to hit it off, he’s not losing sleep over it not happening.

“Kim and Beyonce aren’t tight at all, but I don’t think Kanye is going to approach Jay-Z with that nonsense. He’s about making money and making music and he’s leaving the temper-tantrums to the girls,” a source previously told

According to recent reports Beyonce, who is widely praised for her creative talents, does not feel that she has much in common with Kardashian, who rose to stardom in 2007 following the release of a homemade sex tape and who is subsequently often subject to ridicule.

“Beyoncé doesn’t want the kind of celebrity that Kim Kardashian has nailed down as her own thing. Beyoncé doesn’t want to bring that reality show infamy and drama into a personal life that Beyoncé has tried to keep close to her,” a source said.

“The Beyoncé the world knows and the Beyoncé [and] Jay-Z that her close friends know are completely different and she wants to keep it that way,” the source added.

Meanwhile in South Africa, the country’s sports minister said he had dropped the idea of hiring Beyonce to perform at the department of sport and recreation’s sports awards.

According to a report in the Star on Tuesday, Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula said the idea of bringing the performer to South Africa had been dropped as it would take the focus away from athletes deserving recognition.

“This is why we dropped the Beyonce idea. It became politicised, funny songs were being sung about it in [the ANC], there were distortions about pricing, wild rumours,” Mbalula told the newspaper.

“In the end it made me think about what we were trying to achieve here.”

Despite these claims of snubbing between Kardashian and Beyonce, there are times when the two have acted as best friends. There are pictures of them together at a concert in June in Birmingham, England, laughing and joking together in the crowd.

So perhaps we are all making too much of this? What do you think?
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