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Maurice Jones-Drew Ends Holdout Without A New Contract

Maurice Jones-Drew ended the longest run of his professional football career on Sunday.

For no gain.

The Jacksonville Jaguars running back ended his 38-day holdout without the new contract he sought, but reported to camp with no regrets for his actions.

“I’m in a good place,” he told reporters after meeting with team officials. “I did something I felt was right, and I’m always going to feel right. I’m not going to feel wrong for what I did it at all. And that’s why I can come back and not have a negative attitude. I think if you regret things, you’re going to come back salty, be a distraction, things like that.

“I don’t feel that way ’cause what I did was right. No one can tell me it was wrong. Not one person here can tell me what I did was wrong.”

Last year’s leading rusher in the NFL, Jones-Drew considered skipping games, missing paychecks and causing an even bigger distraction for the team. Ultimately, though, he opted to report a week before the Jaguars’ season opener at Minnesota next Sunday.

Jacksonville coach Mike Mularkey has stated that Rashad Jennings will start for the Jaguars against the Vikings because of his strong preseason and the fact he has been with the team at training camp.

Mularkey said in a statement Sunday that he “had a really good visit” with Jones-Drew.

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