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Olivier Martinez Pulled Into Nasty Hally Berry Custody Battle

Halle Berry is hoping to convince her fiance Olivier Martinez to testify in her custody battle against ex-boyfriend and 4-year old daughter Nahla’s father Gabriel Aubry. The Oscar winning actress has been embroiled in months of back and fourth with Gabriel from child support to custody. In the latest update, Berry filed a request to move her family to France to avoid the craze of the paparazzi. Olivier, who is from France, may testify to his own experience with the paps in his hometown, Paris.

Not surprisingly Gabriel is fighting the request tooth and nail. According to a report Child Services backs the model on his fight,

“The child custody report makes it perfectly clear that any move that would remove Gabriel from being an active presence in Nahla’s life will be bad for the little girl.”

In the midst of the hearing Berry is taking time out to spend with Nahla. The 46-year-old actress was spotted in Hollywood taking Nahla and a little friend out to see Cinderella at the El Capitan Theater. Berry, clad in a loose grey sweater and cropped jeans, was seen helping Nahla and her friend out of an SUV and heading into the theater.

It is unclear how much longer the hearing will take but we certainly hope Halle and Gabriel will do what is best for Nahla.


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