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Chris Rock Working On 'CB4' Sequel; Would You Watch?

Comedian/actor Chris Rock has recently confessed that he is working on a new CB4 movie. While Rock was doing a recent press tour interview with Sway, for 2 Days In New York, he mentioned that he and Nelson George have been discussing making a CB4 sequel. “There may be a new CB4,” Rock said. “We’re kicking around some ideas, yes… me and Nelson have been talking about CB4.” George partially wrote the first edition.

During the interview, Sway asked the funny man to go into more details and he added, “When we made it, we never dreamed that rappers would be old… I know a bunch of senior rappers… so I think I might want to do something from that perspective… to be like a grown man rapper… so trying to figure out ways to do CB4.”

The first CB4 was an American comedy film directed by Tamra Davis, and starring Chris Rock. The film follows a fictional rap group named ‘CB4’, named after the prison block in which the group was allegedly formed (Cell Block 4). The movie primarily parodies the rap group N.W.A among other gangsta rap aspects, and contains short segments featuring celebrities and musicians such as Halle Berry, Eazy-E, the Butthole Surfers, Ice-T, Ice Cube, Flavor Flav, and Shaquille O’Neal(Wiki).

Would you watch another MC Gusto, Stab Master Arson, and Dead Mike flick?

Funny interview below:

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  1. customcalendars4u2 says:

    LOL Nah… CB4 was one of those classic Stupid Dark Comedies(funny as hell) like the original Friday movie I feel is better left alone. These are comedic films that the future WARPED generations are sure to enjoy and since they would never be able to assemble an original cast,because those people have grown in their personal and professional careers then what’s the point? I don’t know about yall,but nobody can replace for me Albert,Euripides,Otis & MC. Gusto!

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