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Kim Kardashian Does Her Best Impersonation of Diana Ross

This is sure to go over big amongst all those Kim Kardashian haters—Kim doing her best impersonation of Diana Ross (the original Boss, excuse me Rick Ross). The photos, tweeted by Kim, were for a photoshoot she did with Hype Williams.

The big hair, the makeup, the clothes. It was glamour personified. And Kim loved it. Let her tell it: “Love this hair!!!” she tweeted.

Kim’s curls were big and buoyant, teased several inches from either side of her face.

The make-up team accentuated her features with inches of product, bronzing her glossy complexion and topping it with rosy circles of rouge, slashes of pastel pink lipstick and heavy blue eyeshadow. 

Her eyelashes appeared longer than their usual extreme length, spidering around her brown eyes, which were heavily lined in black. 

The overall effect was memorable. And very Diana.


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