Jay-Z Grooming UK Star Rita Ora For Launch Of U.S. Career

Roc Nation label boss Jay-Z has begun to groom UK pop sensation Rita Ora for success here in the United States.

The 21-year-old newcomer Ora has managed to gain notoriety thanks to her three consecutive number one singles. She sampled hip-hop great The Notorious B.I.G.’s single “Party and Bullsh*t” for a portion of the hook on her latest chart topping record, “How We Do (Party).”

Despite Ora being the only artist in 2012 to have three consecutive chart topping singles in the UK, Jay-Z is looking to expand his protégé’s audience here in the states.

“We have been in America for a month meeting lots of different radio stations over there,” said Ora in a recent interview.

“Everyone wants to hear the songs after Jay-Z went into a really big radio station in New York. It was the equivalent of Radio 1 in London.”

Jay-Z has made every effort to push his latest artist, and even convinced longtime friend Chris Martin, the lead singer of Coldplay, to have Ora make guest appearances on some of his American dates.

“Jay-Z does use his profile to help me. He has been great getting me to meet all these fantastic musicians and artists,” Ora admitted.

Ora’s notoriety has grown tremendously since she signed with Roc Nation at 18-years-old. She recently was featured as a guest judge at X Factor’s London audition.

Ora’s big break was a unique one, but she still could relate to the pressure X Factor hopefuls felt.

“I didn’t have to audition by signing for Jay-Z but I was given just three minutes to make a first and last impression that I was worth signing, so I know what that feels like.”

The singer shrugged off rumors of a relationship with Rob Kardashian, again saying the two are just friends.

When you look at what Jay-Z has done for the career of superstars like Rihanna, who the singer has been compared to on numerous occasions, you certainly have to like Ora’s chance for stardom.

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