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Chad Johnson's Second Mistress Surfaces In Cheating Scandal

More of Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson’s mistresses are popping up as the cheating allegations against him continue to grow. Two weeks ago “Basketball Wives” star Evelyn Lozada found receipt for condoms in Chad’s car. The finding resulting in a heated argument that lead to the wide received allegedly head butting the reality TV star. One mistress Beverly Shiner stepped up revealing a four month long affair with Ochocinco when he played for New England.

Mistress no. 2 was revealed to be an Atlanta stripper named Amber Priddy.  And a source revealed that, up till just recently, Johnson was paying Priddy $2000 a month for her apartment and was flying her out to Miami to see him.  Priddy was later evicted from her apartment when Johnson cut the money off.

Mistress no. 3 is allegedly a Miami woman named Bianca Zuluaga, who has a self-proclaimed preference for “chocolate men.”  A source revealed:

“Chad would mostly spend time with Bianca while Evelyn was out of town on her book tour or filming.  They would even meet at David’s Café in Miami, which is one of his regular hangout joints and they didn’t go to any lengths to hide the fact that they were there together.”

Despite the mistresses racking up, reports are surfacing that they were the least of Evelyn’s concern. Allegedly the reality star and author’s focus on fame.

“Evelyn is all about fame and self-promotion, and once she realized that marriage [to Johnson] wasn’t working to help that — she was out. … She’s tough and could handle the abuse, though most of it with Chad was verbal. But she can’t stand the chance of not being in the public eye anymore.”


Do you think anymore of Chad Johnson’s mistresses/jump-offs will surface?

Chad Johnson Mistress no. 3
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