Shyne Po Blasts Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs on ‘You’re Welcome’

Shyne Po called me from Paris. He’s been living in the City of Lights, as well as Berlin, and elsewhere in Europe…everywhere except for the one place that he want to be in, America. Which is at the root of why he called from Paris. And why he sent over a Diddy diss-song, called “You’re Welcome”, reopening that can of worms we all thought got sealed after he and Diddy publicly squashed their beef earlier this year.

I’ll post a longer recap of the conversation in a separate post, but I discussed it in Tues’ “Celebrity Drama Report” and here are a few notes:
1) Shyne sounds surprisingly like the same guy  he was when we first met back in the 90’s, flush with new Bad Boy record deal money, ordering take out from Mr. Chows, hanging out with Mariah Carey at Blue Ribbon. He didn’t speak in Hebrew aphorisms, or French slang, and he didn’t have that strange Tupac-ian accent that we keep hearing in his music since he left prison in 2009.
2) Shyne says he recorded this diss song a while ago, but only released it because he feels Diddy didn’t deliver on the promises he made when they reconciled earlier this year.

3) Shyne says he turned down Diddy’s offer of money, because all he wanted was for Diddy to lobby on his behalf and help him get a US-Visa. He also says Diddy ignored his request to tweet about a White House petition to allow Shyne back in the country. “Homeboy did me dirty, he knows that…

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