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Trey Songz Stays True to His R&B Roots with ‘Chapter V’

It’s no secret that R&B has been slightly askew since the emergence of electronica music into the mainstream. Chris Brown, Ne-Yo and even Usher took advantage of the EDM wave and pushed aside the genre that made them stars. Trey Songz, on the other hand, has stayed true to his R&B roots, as seen on his last album “Passion, Pain, & Pleasure” and now “Chapter V.”

Along the way he’s gained a plethora of new fans and rocketed to international stardom, and with his shift to the mainstream, he’s managed to stay true to the music he’s always made. “Chapter V” shows more than the evolution of an artist — it shows the evolution of a man.

“Chapter V” will take you to the club with “Hail Mary” with Young Jeezy and Lil Wayne as well as the Diddy and Meek Mill-assisted “Check Me Out,” and then whisk you to the bedroom with the ballads “Dive In” and the appropriately titled “Panty Wetter.” Unfortunately, Trey falls flat with “Playin Hard,” because hearing him rap is way less desirable than listening to him sing. “2 Reasons” featuring T.I. was an attempt to recreate the magic of “Say Aah” and “Bottoms Up,” but it is actually cringe-worthy, wooing women one minute and then referring to them as bitches the next. It’s not all bad though: fans will be completely surprised and refreshed by all of the vulnerable sides of Trey in the songs “Pretty Girls Lie,” “Bad Decisions,” and the old school “Without A Woman.”

Trey Songz has evolved into a man that owns his experiences, his music, and his crown as the reigning prince of R&B. “Chapter V” remains true to Trey’s sound, even with a fumble here and there, and gives you a deeper look at the man behind the music.

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