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Jessica Alba’s Night Out with Nas And Friends

Jessica Alba was spotted out with a bunch of famous friends during a night out on the town sans babies. Alba tweeted a picture of herself, rapper Nas, socialite Nicole Richie and model Kelly Sawyer with the caption “Just a regular #mondaynight @nasnyc @kellysawyer @nicolerichie.”

Richie also tweeted a picture of the gathering and she seemed to be very excited to be hanging out with Nas. “Ain’t nothin humble about this brag! #HolyS**tItsNAS.”

Although Alba seems to be having a relaxing time in these shots, she’s been a busy woman. The “Honey” star is Self Magazine’s latest cover girl and in her interview, she talked about a variety of subjects. Alba has been taking a break from Hollywood to dedicate time to saving babies via her line of non-toxic baby products. Her venture, called The Honest z Company, raised $27 million in venture capital funding in March, so this is no celeb vanity project.

“It’s awesome—it really does feel like this is my third baby. It’s a deep passion of mine and I spend all my time at the office,” she told Self about the venture. “I think it’s a nice balance to Hollywood because it’s so free and it’s so creative and so much of what you do is in someone else’s hands, essentially and this is something that I could actually control and I could see something from the beginning to the end and there’s something really wonderful and fulfilling about that.”

According to Alba, a scare with eldest daughter Honor inspired her to start the company. “I found my daughter Honor sitting in her crib, eating these tiny beads from the inside of her diaper,” she shared. “They were all over her face. It was a moment of terror.”

On September 6, Alba is also hosting an event for the Democratic National Convention to fundraiser for the Democratic Party. Alba is co-hosting the party with husband Cash Warren and it will feature performances by rapper Pitbull and the Scissor Sisters.

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