Fan of Lady Gaga Forcefully Subdued by Bodyguards

If you’re seeking an autograph from Lady Gaga, you may want to find a creative, more non-intrusive way to go about it than did one fan.

While in Bucharest, Romania, appearing for a show, the singer was walking through her hotel when a fan carrying an autograph book and pen rushed towards her. It didn’t take long for her two bodyguards to take action as the man was slammed against the glass revolving door and forcefully taken to the floor.

Perhaps the singer would not have been so easily identifiable had it not been for her flamboyant get-up. She donned a monochrome outfit with a pair of large black sunglasses with a matching bra fedora. On her dress, three ruffled white flowers took the place of buttons.

Gaga, usually calm, was admiring fans, greeting and waving, but she flinched when she saw the man advance towards her. Though shaken for the moment, she regained her composure and continued outside where fans awaited her.


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