When A Man Finds Love

One of the best things for a man to experience is being in love.  I know that men have gotten a bad wrap for not wanting to be in committed relationships and also for being unfaithful in most of their relationships, but when a man finds love, he is never the same.

 Love has the ability to overtake him and thrust him into things he would not normally choose.  He is normally very careful to stay away from it because it is so overwhelming and so powerful.  Men are born to be conquerors and warriors.  Their main objective is to be independent and strong. In their minds love is weakening and is too emotionally difficult to manage.  That’s why most men would rather show they love you than tell you.
But regardless of how much men avoid love, love is always chasing them and they know it.  Men know when love is knocking at their door.  They know the day will come when love finds them and causes them to settle down and begin sharing their dreams, hopes and pains with someone they love and that loves them.
The biggest challenge that most men have is that life has not taught them to love.  Instead life has taught them to run from love.  Life has trained men to avoid two of the greatest attributes given to them; the attributes of talk and touch.  So they learn to do it superficially, but avoid falling in too deep.  A touch goes as deep as their skin, but rarely penetrates their heart.  They block it at the surface because they are afraid of what it produces when it gets inside of them.  Their talk is also superficial, because if their words ever happen to fall on the ears and enter the heart of the one that’s listening, they can find themselves lost in love.
So men are afraid to be in love.  They settle for dancing with it in the dark, that way they never have to acknowledge it’s there.  So ladies, start turning on the light in your man’s life and he’ll come to know where he is and who he is dancing with.
When a man finds love, he finds life.   A man that finds love finds perspective and purpose. All men want to care for something other than themselves. Men need other people to depend on them.  They need people to love and people that love them.  It’s what they want, but it’s also what they run from.  However, they can only run until someone closes the door and shows them that they cannot run any longer.  Men want that!  Men want to know that their lady is in it for real.  That he is important to her and that she needs him.
When men fall in love life happens for everyone around them. Yes, women play a role in helping men come to know love, but love itself must find him and until it does he will always be in the dark.  So instead of trying to make him love you, pray that love will find him and when it does both you and him will know it.
Leroy Scott is a Relationship Expert and Life Coach. He can be found on Twitter, Facebook and at leroyscott.com.
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