Evelyn Lozada Divorcing Chad Johnson

Evelyn Lozada is filing for divorce from Chad Johnson, Chad Ochocinco and every other iteration of him reports TMZ.

In a move straight out of the Kim Kardashian playbook, Lozada is calling it quits after just six weeks of wedlock.

The couple was recently involved in a domestic altercation for which Evelyn received a 3 inch forehead gash and Chad ended up kicked off the Miami Dolphin football squad. Johnson insists that it was an accidental head butt, but at this point it really doesn’t matter to the Dolphins, Lozada or anyone else.

Jennifer Williams Responds To Evelyn Lozada Divorce News

What matters is that the relationship, the July 4th wedding, the reality show (which is now being cancelled) and so many of Johnson’s decisions of late have demonstrated poor judgment and lack of focus on the one task he needed to focus on…playing football.

According to reports, the final straw for Lozada and the provocation for the altercation that ultimately ended up with her bleeding and Chad behind bars was her finding a receipt for condoms in his car. Evidence of another bad decision.

Reportedly the couple had a pre-nup, okay one good decision for Chad, so the termination should be swift…it’s not like they had much time to accumulate a lot of common property.

Wow. And we were feeling sorry for T.O. just a few days ago.




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