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Alicia Keys, Tyler Perry Scheduled To Visit Tyra Banks On ANTM

Grammy Award winning artist Alicia Keys and film director and producer Tyler Perry giving up their day job for the world of modeling? Not quite, but they may pay Trya Banks a visit on season 19.

There were rumors circulating recently about Tyra Banks quitting her cash cow of a reality show–”America’s Next Top Model.” It’s a good thing those rumors aren’t true. Even though Banks felt the pressure of the show as if it were an anvil on her back, she decided to keep her show and learn via Harvard Business School to delegate tasks to employees without taking it all on herself.

Her first order of business in reaching out for help was securing Tyler Perry and Alicia Keys to appear in the show’s 19th season. Our sources say Perry will coordinate an acting challenge for the aspiring models and the winner of said challenge will receive a role in one of his future films. That’s a huge win! Keys’ involvement hasn’t been confirmed as of yet, but something tells me it could be music related. Singing models perhaps?

Meanwhile ANTM’s former judge Nigel Barker spoke on leaving the show after 18 seasons. Tyra “went through a bit of housecleaning but {I had} great run.”


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