Donald Trump: Obama ‘Has Made Nothing,’ So His Taxes are Easy

During an interview on Fox where he throws out a barrage of unsubstantiated claims against President Obama, Donald Trump said Mitt Romney shouldn’t release his tax returns until Obama releases his college records.

Trump claimed the president has spent $4 million trying to hide his college records, and if the public has a right to know about Romney’s taxes, they need to know what’s in Obama’s college and passport records.

Host Greta van Susteren said she was “perplexed” by what Trump thought he would find in Obama’s college records.

“Suppose he got a C in history in college, does that make any difference?” she asked Trump. “He’s a 51-year-old man. Would that make any difference?”

“I don’t think it would,” Trump said. “But I’m not looking at the marks.”

Trump said he wanted to see more of Obama’s “records” in college and his passport records.

“By the way, I hope they’re 100 percent okay,” Trump said. “As an American, as a good American, I hope they are okay.”

“Nobody brings this up,” Trump said. “Open up your college records, open up your passport records. Why is he spending $4 million trying to keep them secret?”

Van Susteren pressed him on where the $4 million figure came from. It appears Trump is talking about money Obama paid to lawyers.

Trump also indicated that he wasn’t satisfied with the many ways that Hawaii officials and others have proven that Obama was born in Hawaii, but he wasn’t concerned about that now because his current concern was “jobs.”

Trump said that Romney’s taxes are complicated because he has been very successful.

“Obama, who has made nothing, has very simple tax returns. It’s easy for him to say, ‘Here are my tax returns.'”

Trump pronounced that Romney’s taxes are “perfect”—though it didn’t seem that Trump had ever seen them.

Trump then said Obama had waged a dirty campaign against Romney and a “very dirty campaign” against Hillary Clinton in 2008.

“They consider it one of the meanest campaigns ever run,” he said.

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