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Atlanta’s Population Growth Lags Behind Southern Rival Cities

In terms of recent population growth, the city of Atlanta isn’t keeping up with many of its Southern rivals.

And, that has potentially big implications across the board, including prospects for real estate investment and development within Atlanta’s core.

Between April 2010 and July 2011, other cities outpaced the city of Atlanta in population gains, many of them in Texas, including Houston, which added 45,716 residents; San Antonio, which added 32,152; Austin (up 30,221); and Dallas (up 24,413).

Cities east of the Mississippi also saw greater population growth, including Charlotte (up 19,663) and Raleigh (up 12,565).

Atlanta added 12,422 residents during that same period. Its population stands at 420,005.

Developers with a big presence in Atlanta are likely watching the trends.

The Census numbers are lagging, and may not reflect some of the biggest trends developers have talked about in the past year, including improvement in the job market over 2010 and 2011.

Many, including Novare Group, are starting new intown apartment projects here, based largely on the premise that the young, creative class of workers wants to live in the city, closer to its restaurants and entertainment and away from the suburban commute.

Source: Atlanta Business Chronicle

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