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Mariah Carey Demands Playroom Big Enough For Twins AND Nick Cannon

Mariah Carey loves her babies…all of them including her husband Nick Cannon. The public appointed diva has signed on to a judge the next season of American Idol replacing Jennifer Lopez. Mariah’s deal reportedly landed her a $18 million paycheck – the highest of all reality judges, currently. The huge paycheck came with some interesting negotiations it seems.

First, the paycheck absolutely had to be bigger than JLo’s! “Mariah was adamant about getting more money than J.Lo, whose $12 million seat she’s about to fill.”

Secondly, Mariah wants to outshine or at minimum match JLo in the fashion department week after week.

“J.Lo showed up week after week in some pretty amazing outfits, and Mariah wants to make sure that hers are better.”

Lastly, is her family. Mariah reportedly requested a “organic baby beds” in a toy filled playspace big enough and for her twins and their doting father Nick Cannon to play in.

The second request would be a tough task given Jennifer’s knack for effortlessly knocking it out the park week after week but everything else seems normal. No divas here….yet.

Do you think Mariah will excel as an American Idol judge?

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