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Floyd Mayweather Not In Manny Pacquiao’s November Plans

Floyd Mayweather is out of jail and, apparently, out of the running to face Manny Pacquiao on November 10, the next time the champion from the Phillippines plans to take to the ring.

This comes from Top Rank promoter Bob Arum, a Mayweather nemesis who is headed to the Philippines to discuss with Pacquiao his next opponent.

Arum told there are three candidates to face Pacquiao next — and none named Mayweather, who was released a month early on Friday after 60 days in a Las Vegas detention center.

Arum, often accused of being an impediment to a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight, said that after Pacquiao fights in November, “I just hope we will be able to get the Mayweather fight done. I don’t think we can do it in November with Mayweather just being released from jail and so forth.”

He added: “I have had no signal from anybody on (Mayweather’s) side that he would be back so quick for a fight Nov. 10. I would think if we can make a deal it would be in the spring, in April, after March Madness.”

The candidates to face Pacquiao next come as no surprise. Arum listed them as:

• Welterweight titlist Timothy Bradley Jr. in a rematch of the tremendously controversial fight they had on June 9, in which Bradley was awarded a shocking split decision.

• Junior welterweight titleholder Juan Manuel Marquez, who has already faced Pacquiao three times in exciting fights that all ended in disputed decisions — with Pacquiao winning twice and their first bout resulting in a draw.

• Former three-division titlist Miguel Cotto, whom Pacquiao knocked out in the 12th round of an all-action welterweight title bout in November 2009

“He’s going to fight on Nov. 10, but we’ll spend some time talking through everything and getting everything ironed out, and then I talk to the opponents and try to make a deal,” Arum said.


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