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Coca-Cola Continues Expansion Into Green Lifestyle with Ear Buds from Recycled Bottles

Atlanta – In a move that probably helps to thwart criticism for creating so many empty plastic bottles, The Coca-Cola Company continues its expansion into green lifestyle products. The latest are ear buds made in part from recycled soft drink bottles. I must admit, these are rather cool.

Coca-Cola, music technology brand EOps and UK-based designer Michael Young have teamed up to give recycled plastic bottles a new life, by making them into earphones.

The in-ear headphones, called ‘EOps NOISEZERO SPORTS+’, are 20% made from recycled content, and are rain-proof and sweat-proof.

According to Young, the earphones includes 9mm HD titanium driver units, and foam earbuds that provide wearing comfort and passive noise isolation for best audio results.

It also features a microphone and remote with three buttons on the cable—liken to Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod earphones—to let its wearers control playback and volume.

EOps NOISEZERO SPORTS+ comes in red and black variations and come with matching messenger bags and backpacks that have also been manufactured from recycled plastic bottles.

The earphones work best with iPod nanos (4th-gen or later), iPod Classic (120GB, 160GB), iPhone 3GS or later, and iPads.

Source: Design Taxi


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