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As Chris Brown Releases Mixtape Track, Source Says Brown Happy with Girlfriend

Chris Brown is a far cry from his “Run It” days and it is unclear whether or not that is a good thing. Today, Brown released a sample from his mixtape “Mixtape Sh*t” on Youtube. In the black and white video, a shirtless Brown lipsyncs to his song “Who Say”—and the song has very colorful lyrics.

The chorus goes “I don’t need no n*ggas in my section, all b*tches, all b*tches, all b*tches,” and that line is one of the milder ones. This song is definitely a departure from his past and although Brown can be applauded for trying something new, perhaps he should stick with what he knows or take it back to basics. When Brown burst onto the scene as a teenager, he was lauded for his smooth vocals and impressive dance moves. He is clearly talented and this song doesn’t do that talent justice.

This isn’t his first time rapping and spitting bars—it got him a hit in the form of “Look at Me Now,” his collaboration with Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes. Nonetheless, Brown seems very happy with the record and he is also happy with his love life, according to reports.

Despite rumors of a break up and a reunion with his ex, a friend of Chris Brown says he is happy with girlfriend Karrueche Tran. “I don’t know man, I guess the [boy] feels SAFE with K.T. [Karrueche Tran]. No problems and sh*t except for when he booted her for a few days,” the source told Hip Hop Hollywood. “But other than that, they really don’t fight and sh*t. She’s cool.”

According to the source, Tran provides peace that Brown couldn’t get with Rihanna. “She listens to him and the one thing she don’t do that Ri-Ri did was mouth the f*ck off. He can’t stand a b*tch that be doing that—all that loud mouth talking and being extra with everything,” the source continued. “I’m not dissing Ri-Ri or anything, so don’t even make me come off sounding like that or else. He loves that girl and she loves him. But K.T. is chill. They really do get along and she not extra. She’s calm as f*ck.”

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