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Kanye West Tweets His Tribute to Kim Kardashian’s Rear

Rapper Kanye West tweeted another photo on Friday to add to the very public record of his love affair with reality TV star Kim Kardashian. The picture, features a wide shot of Kardashian’s famous derriere wrapped in a backless white dress, standing next to West’s black Lamborgini, a birthday present he received from Kardashian earlier this year. He offered just a single word as the caption: “MERCY.” This is of course a reference to his recently released hit song of the same name.

As always in the Twitterverse, Kanye’s followers took their chance to weigh in with their own comments. “Please, we’ve seen the same thing but without the white dress,” tweeted one fan, referring to the sex tape that is arguably responsible for Kardashian’s fame. Others were far less critical, saying “luckiest man in the world” and “He wins,” in response to the shot.

Kim shared a photo of her own via Instagram and Twitter earlier this week, posting a snapshot of herself in a pair of thigh-high boots from Kanye’s own collection. “Killin’ it today in my Kanye West boots!” she wrote. Kardashian’s fans were seemingly unimpressed by the post, commenting “Kanye dont do this! just make songs!” and “Sorry, looks like you broke both legs and put heels on!!”

The photos are part of what seems to be a continued effort by the pair to profess their love to the entire world of pop culture. Photos from a zip lining vacation they shared with Girls Gone Wild Founder Joe Francis (a personal friend of Kardashian’s) also popped up this week, along with more tweeted photos from Kim of the couple’s matching jewelry, captioned “His and Hers.”

How many more times can the pair hit the streets in matching outfits before their fans are the ones asking for “mercy?”

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