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Beyonce Uploads A Fan's Nail Tribute Plus New Baby Rumors

Beyonce’s tumblr page isn’t dedicated to just personal photos anymore plus more bizarre rumors about her baby. The 30-year old pop star uploaded the photo featuring blue diamond encrusted nails (for Blue Ivy) with the letters B, N, J, Z(B n JZ) plus a photo of them both! For a short while fans thought the hands belonged to Beyonce.

“Beyonce’s obsession-I mean love for Jay-z used to be cute until she put his face on her nails. #love?”

Rather harsh, but OK. Another tweeted, “But why did Beyoncé upload that nails pic on her Tumblr?! It’s ugly IMO.”

Ouch. Turns out the hands belong to DJ Roxy Cottontail, a New York City based DJ who clearly adores the “Love on Top” singer and her hubby Jay-Z. She confirmed the nail design with this post on her website,  “Well they obviously caught the eyes of Queen Bee herself because she recently blogged them on her site.” Hopefully Roxy stays clear of Twitter because the reviews are not good!

Meanwhile, Beyonce is facing another set of baby rumors – will they ever stop? We were shocked by this one! Reportedly  Bey turned to fertility treatment but was unsuccessful. Her little sister Solange then offered to be her surrogate but Beyonce refused. Choosing instead to use Solange’s eggs and Jay-Z’s sperm to implant into a surrogate.

This story was made up by someone who has way too much time on their hands for all the wrong reasons. If offers some Saturday humor….at best.

Take a look at the latest super cute photo of Beyonce’s baby Blue Ivy in our gallery to the right.

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