'Paranormal Activity 4' Trailers Are A Little Scary…

Two trailers have been released for the upcoming Paranormal Activity 4 movie.

The plot of the movie is yet to be known, but by the looks of the trailer it appears that the film was shot in present time, which is a contrast of the last three installments. The director even decided to use modern day computer Skype chat between the two teens in the footage.

Besides the modern technology, it’s a chance that fans may enjoy the scariness of this film. Trailers could never tell the whole story but the footage appears to be a little terrifying. In the clip, the young girl (Alex) is snooping on her creepy neighbor, who is described as a “weird kid from across the street,” standing outside of his house at night, staring off at something. After that, Alex’s power cuts off, the house alarm starts sending off warnings of doors being open, and then the creepy image of a person appears in back of her.

Paranormal Activity 4 is slated to hit theaters this October.

Trailers below:

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