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'The River' Reviews: The Good The Bad And The Scary

The reviews are in for ABC’s Tuesday night horror series, “The River”. The critics fall on both sides of the spectrum.  Some call the found-footage TV series scary, while others criticize the show for poor writing and character development.

Launched out from the success of the grainy found-footage escapades of “Paranormal Activity” and its sequels, “The River” portrays a crew who ventures into the Amazon to find a missing explorer named Emmet Cole.

Created by Paranormal Activity mastermind, Oren Peli, The River is the first attempt at bringing the found-footage concept to television.  The question is, will it realize the success of its cult followed forebearers or will it be written off as a stale disappointment like some of the other cheap copycats?

The critics weigh in on that question. Dive into the next page for the scary trailer and the reviews.

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