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Beyonce's Husband Jay-Z Lands Yet Another Endorsement

To say Beyonce and Jay-Z are the power couple of the moment would be an understatement! Just this past May Forbes named Jay Z and Beyonce the highest earning couple:

Despite their massive combined earnings (last year we estimate they brought in $72 million), Jay-Z and Beyonce have never been about flaunting their relationship. When the couple got married in 2008 few people knew about it. The pair also got a jump on the press this year when they released their own photo of baby Blue Ivy before the paparazzi could get a snapshot of her. Baby Blue is poised to become part of the Jay-Z Beyonce empire. The pair trademarked the baby’s name.

So what’s new for the Carter-Knowles household?

Jay-Z just landed an executive producer nod for NBA 2K13 video game. According to reports Jay-Z helped select 24 songs for the soundtrack, offered input on the game’s interactive in-game menus and other visual presentations.

The minority owner in the Brooklyn Nets basketball team described the opportunity in a statement,

“This has been a unique opportunity to collaborate with 2K Sports and be a part of one of the best sports video games in history. NBA 2K13 will be the next evolution in sports and basketball culture, and I’m ready to usher in the new era of the franchise.”

The previous installment of NBA 2K sold 5 million copies!

Looking forward to hear what’s next for Beyonce and Jay-Z….

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