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Jackson Family Feud: Katherine Jackson Blames Randy For Pushing Janet

The latest update on the Jackson family feud shows that a unity concert isn’t enough to bring the family together. The latest news tells of Janet Jackson’s regrets for partaking in a scuffle that allegedly resulted in Michael’s daughter Paris Jackson getting slapped. Since the incident Janet and her siblings are banned from their mother’s home.

Michael Jackson’s estate has acknowledged it has limited some relatives’ access to the home shared by the singer’s mother and children in the wake of a family feud that turned into a driveway argument last week.

The estate’s statement released Monday afternoon does not specify which members of Jackson’s family are no longer allowed at the home and says the list is subject to change. The statement says an approved guest list was requested by an attorney for TJ Jackson, the son of Tito Jackson who was appointed temporary guardian of the children last week.

“It is imperative to the estate that from this point forward a safe and appropriate environment be provided for Michael Jackson’s children and his mother.”

During the incident Janet allegedly called Paris a “spoiled little bitch” and Paris fired saying: “This is our house, not the Jackson family house. Get the fuck out.”

However, Janet is said to be upset by her actions and how everything spiraled out of control.

A source told RadarOnline: “The public has seen a very different side of Janet this past week, and she has to be regretting following Randy’s advice. Janet is very much like Katherine in that she likes to keep a low profile, and not have family drama play out in the press.”

With Paris reporting everything on Twitter – it’s hard to keep a low profile.

UPDATE: Katherine Jackson, according to a source, is placing all the blame on her son Randy for including his siblings into the takeover at her home and for causing her to lose guardianship and she wants him to stop it – now.

“Katherine was completely unaware that Randy had orchestrated his siblings signing a letter sent to the executors of Michael Jackson’s estate demanding their immediate resignation. Now that Katherine has been home for a few days, she recognizes that Randy was the one that planned this, and she is absolutely furious for him doing so.”

Katherine further pleads for privacy in the matter,

“Katherine is extremely upset and disappointed in Randy’s actions that have brought so much unwanted chaos into all of their lives,” the source added. Saying the Mama Jackson, “specifically told Randy that if he wants to pursue this ridiculous claim that Michael’s will is fake, to remain quiet about it. If Randy does find evidence, which Katherine knows is very unlikely to happen, to take it to court and not play it out the in press.”

Randy may have convinced his siblings that Michael’s will is fake but a judge had already shot him down and the will stands. If, according to Randy, Michael was in New York with Rev. Al Sharpton at the time the will was changed – why is that so hard to prove???

Let’s hope the Jacksons, A. keep their fight private from now on and B. work this out!

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